Complete Physical Care

Complete Physical Care for Your Pet

While veterinary medicine continues to make amazing technological advances, a basic physical examination remains a mainstay. They allow us to establish baselines, catch health changes earlier, and monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

At Heartland Animal Hospital, we thoroughly examine your pet, system by system, while moving geographically across the body. We begin by observing their mental state and behavior. Your pet should be happy and alert, not anxious, lethargic, or stumbling.

Your pet's health conditions dictate exam frequency. Following a new diagnosis, we may recommend that following checkups occur every week or two, and become less frequent depending on the condition in question.

It's your job to periodically reexamine your pet at home. If you notice any changes in their health or behavior, please let us know!

Early signs that something is wrong can include coughing, vomiting, blood in the stool or urine, lameness, swelling, inflammation, sudden changes in weight, drinking excessive amounts of water, or frequent urination.

If you have any questions about the physical pet care services available at Heartland Animal Hospital, please get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is focused on providing you and your pet with the high-quality service you deserve at a competitive price.

Make the Right Decisions Based on Your Pet's Age

Depending on the species and breed, pets will all age at a variety of rates. The idea of a human year being equal to 7 "dog years" is not quite true. A stable period gets sandwiched between a quick growth spurt during their youth, and a faster aging period occurs later on in life.

Be sure to be mindful of your pet's age and provide them with routine veterinary examinations accordingly.


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