Heartworm and Internal Parasites

Protect Your Pet Against Heartworm and Internal Parasites

Incredibly small, internal parasites can cause serious problems for your pet's health. The 3 internal parasites that cause the most issues are heartworms, intestinal worms, and Coccidia. All of these parasites are capable of causing life-threatening illnesses if left untreated.

While treatment options are available for infections caused by any of these parasites, the key to a happy healthy pet is prevention.

We currently carry the following Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite preventatives:

Heartgard (Dogs) -  prevents your dog from heartworms and also helps treat and control roundworms and hookworms. 

Nexgard PLUS (Dogs) - protect your dog from fleas and ticks, PLUS heartworm disease, roundworms, and hookworms.

Nexgard Combo (Cats)  - protects your cat from fleas and ticks, prevent heartworm disease, and treat and control roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms.

Simparica Trio (Dogs) - prevent heartworm disease, kill fleas and ticks, and helps treat and control roundworms and hookworms.

ProHeart 6 (Dogs)- protects your dog from developing heartworm disease for 6 full months. ProHeart 6 also treats common hookworm infections your dog may have at the time of injection. This medication is an injection given in office only.

What Are the Symptoms of a Parasite Problem?

Most commonly gastrointestinal parasites cause diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or blood in your pet's stools. Heartworm is known to commonly cause coughing and breathing difficulties. If you notice your pet showing any of these symptoms, please bring them in as soon as possible.

Using over-the-counter medications to treat any of these issues without a proper veterinary examination can be risky to your pet's health.

Some Safety Measures to Try at Home

One of the best ways to prevent any parasite problems is good sanitation. Simple precautions such as removing all animal feces from your yard within 24 hours or not allowing your pet to drink from standing water sources such as puddles can help prevent a parasitic infection.

Protecting your pet from internal parasites is a key part of helping them live a long, happy life. Let our staff help you stop these tiny pests from ever being bothersome to your furry friend.

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